Cards and Notes stem from my image-making as a fine art photographer.

On this site are Square, Horizontal and Vertical Cards, which are available

Messaged or Blank. Expressions, such as "Happy Birthday" or "Thank You", 

appear on the front. The card's inside message area is always blank.

Single Cards and Gift Enclosures with envelopes are packaged in a clear

sleeve. Themed Boxed Notes - an assortment with 6 inside - may be

ordered as "Thank You" or Blank Notes. 

Gift Enclosures - a minimum 12 / your choice - may be combined from any

Enclosure Portfolio. They are available as a blank note, while others say


Note: For retailer's, the Enclosure Prepack (12 styles / 6 each) includes

a custom POP Display. The 72 enclosures are un-sleeved. To set up a

wholesale account, kindly call or email the studio. Your business is most


Thank You